We are a boutique firm that uses a team approach to provide clear solutions to complex problems. Dedicated to your success, we are committed to identifying your unique needs and tailoring our approach to produce the best results for you and your business. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team has the perfect blend of skill sets, knowledge, and experience to help you reach your financial objectives. Our firm believes in coming alongside our clients and incorporating them into our collaborative team. For all of these reasons, Jon T. Vincent, CPA, PC is the right fit for all of your financial needs.

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We have appreciated the work that Mr. Vincent and his staff have done for us in all of the transactions we have had together. Jon Vincent is not just a regular accountant. We are pleased that he has received all of his forensic credentials, but we appreciate even more so his creativity and willingness to help structure our business transactions to reach such excellent solutions. The integrity, professionalism, and personalities of Jon and his staff are a breath of fresh air in light of some of the other professionals we have encountered. Thank you to Jon T Vincent, CPA, P.C. for the high quality services you have given us at such reasonable costs. We look forward to working with you in the future.

trawick h. stubbs, jr.

Attorney - Stubbs & Perdue, P.A.

I am a small Brunswick (and previously, New Hanover) County developer. I have had 35 years of experience in business and land development. Like many of my peers, I have suffered through the worst economic times since the Great Depression. I’m still here and gaining strength due in large part to the help of the smart and talented individuals found at Jon T Vincent, CPA, P.C.Over the years, I’ve considered Jon to be the best business talent available. He is a funding resource to those of us who have been outcast by the Dodd Frank Act, a brilliant structural strategist of real estate deals, but most importantly, a man of faith, goodwill, and fairness. Throughout my community of businessmen, he is well known, highly recommended, and frequently used. He serves as both a leader and inspiration. Thanks to Jon and to everyone at Jon T Vincent, CPA, P.C.

ed burnett

Real Estate Developer

I have known Jon Vincent for over a decade and have found him to be first rate in his knowledge of accounting, tax preparation, and financial planning. Jon is a man of integrity and honesty and I have been grateful for his advice and expertise as he has guided me at times in my own business ventures.

manuel w. lloyd - technology consultant

Technology Consultant